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Payment Options and Pet Insurance Plans

Payment Options and Pet Insurance Plans

Meriden Animal Hospital is proud to be known within the local community as the “affordable veterinary hospital”. We work hard to keep our pricing balanced, fair and reasonable.

We understand that you want the absolute best for your pet and in certain situations, medical care for your pet can be expensive.

Yet when it comes to medical care there a always options. Determining which is the RIGHT options depends on many factors, such as your pets age, condition, lifestyle, finances etc. All of these factors need to be taking into consideration when choosing the best approach moving forward. For this reason, at Meriden Animal Hospital we established what we call the Good, Better, Best Approach to Medical Care (GBB)

The MAH: Good, Better, Best Approach to Medical Care

The purpose behind developing this approach to medical care is very simple. As medical professionals we believe that it is our obligation to educate you on all of the options available for the best care we can provide your pet, not just the most expensive level of care.

Depending on your pets medical needs we will lay out all of your options in a simple to understand format and then help you decide which option best fits you and your pet.

We are a no judgment zone and by that we mean we fully understand that the most important thing is that you love your pet. Whether you can afford the best medical care or not we will alway protect that bond and love that you have with your pet and help you make the right decision for the both of you.

Ask our staff about the MAH: Good, Better, Best Approach to Medical Care (GBB)

We Offer Medical Care Financing: In certain situations financing can be a God-send. MAH is proud to be able to offer all of our clients personal financing through our partner CareCredit. At any time, either you can or we can, help you apply for quick and easy financing to meet your pets medical needs. It is as simple as applying online here with CareCredit or one of our staff can help you while you are at the hospital.

General MAH Payment Policy: As with any service industry, payment for our services is due upon completion. We accept cash, debit cards and all major credit cards. At this time we still do accept personal check, yet only with a present drivers license. Unfortunately we do see acceptance of personal checks discontinuing in the near future.

Deposits Required on All Major Medical Procedures: If your pet requires a major medical procedure such as surgery or extensive diagnostic work-up, we do require a down payment on half of the medical expense estimate that you will be provided with.

We Accept All Pet Insurances: Pet Insurance is no doubt one of the fastest growing industries when it comes to animal care.

At MAH we applaud many of the veterinary insurance companies for helping pet owners protect and offer the optimal medical for their pets. Below you will find the companies that offer the best care packages. As with any insurance coverage we implore you to be a smart and educated consumer and make sure you read the “fine lines” when it comes to their coverage options. As a hospital, at this time, we do not recommend one insurance company over the other, solely based on the fact that they are all difference in their structure. We encourage you to check them all out and decide which you think is the best to meet your needs.

Insurance Options

Option 1
PetPlan Pet Insurance
P: 1-866-467-3875

Option 2
Veterinary Pet Insurance
P: 1-866-838-7387

Option 3
Embrace Pet Insurance
P: 1-800-226-1308

Option 4
ASPCA Pet Insurance
P: 1-866-230-4259