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Meriden Animal Hospital (MAH) Services

A Family Practice and Full Service Hospital

When your pet falls sick it is critical that you know the animal hospital who is taking care of them has the knowledge, skills and diagnostic resources available to provide them with the best care possible.

Unlike most small animal practices at Meriden Animal Hospital we have advanced diagnostic capabilities to meet your animals health care needs.

The MAH Good, Better, Best Approach is the foundation of how we practice medicine and best protect your pet. The power is in the options and we make sure we provide them all to you, so you can make the best informed decision for your pet and family.

General Practice Medicine: A Focus on Wellness

We all know the saying “An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure”. The important take away from that saying is that if you provide your pet with good nutrition, help them maintain an ideal body weight, provide them with adequate exercise and a whole lot of love, you will put them in an ideal situation to live a truly healthy life. We will help guide you along the way!

Internal Medicine

Our doctors have well over 75 years of combined experience in advanced medical management. We have successfully managed every condition from acute kidney disease, to type II diabetes, to cushings disease and everything in between. In addition to our on-site doctors skills and knowledge, at MAH we have also invested in bringing advanced internal medicine consultation services to our patients. If there is every a question or concern all we have to do is pick up the phone and contact one of our internal medicine consultants who will review our patients history and bloodwork in real-time and discuss the best and most current treatment options available.


Having good dental health is one of the foundations of a healthy body. Pets who have advanced dental disease are at grave risk of damaging other vital body organs due to chronic infection which can spread throughout the body. Our doctors are highly skilled at recognizing any early warning signs and creating affordable solutions to address their needs. From general prophalyxtic dental cleanings to advanced extractions we have the tools and skills to meet your pets needs.


  • Advance Digital X-Rays: Since 2008 we have made available to our clients and patients the most advanced digital x-ray imaging. The speed and clarity of this imaging machine is critical in providing the best diagnostic options for your pet.
  • Abdominal Ultrasound: When Dr. James St.Clair, our current medical director, graduated veterinary school is 2003 he knew that in order to provide excellent medicine to his patients, ultrasound was a necessity. The ability to non-invasively explore the abdomen and visualize the integrity and health of these internal organs is CRITICAL. From examining bladder health, to pregnancy screening, to detecting early disease changes in vital organs such as the liver and spleen, having the diagnostic resource of ultrasound on-site is a game-changer in providing excellent medicine.

Soft Tissue Surgery

From routine spay and neuters to advanced soft tissue surgery, our doctors have the skills to safely and effectively meet your pets needs. Utilizing the best monitoring and safe anesthesia practices we can provide excellent surgical care to your pet if the situation arises.

Orthopedic Surgery

Unlike most small practices who refer patients away for orthopedic surgery, at MAH we have the knowledge and ability to safely address your dogs orthopedic surgery needs, often at a fraction of the cost. From broken bones, to ACl tears, to hip surgery we can handle 90% of all orthopedic surgery problems right her at MAH.