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Care Credit & Insurance


Meriden Animal Hospital is proud to be known within the local community as the “affordable veterinary hospital.” We work hard to keep our pricing balanced, fair, and reasonable.

We understand that you want the absolute best for your pet, and in certain situations, medical care for your pet can be expensive.

Depending on your pet’s medical needs, we will lay out all of your options in a simple to understand format and then help you decide which option best fits you and your pet.

We are a no-judgment zone, and by that, we mean we fully understand that the most important thing is that you love your pet. Whether you can afford the best medical care or not, we will protect that bond and love that you have with your pet and always meet you where you are at.

Pet Insurance: We’ve Partnered with PAWLICY ADVISOR to make shopping for pet insurance easier for our pet parents.

Pawlicy Advisor is an intelligent pet insurance comparison tool built to use your unique answers to analyze your pet’s breed-specific risks, policy coverage/exclusions, and expected lifetime costs. These data points are used to help you find the right pet insurance plan at the right price – no matter the provider.

CareCredit: MAH is proud to be able to offer all of our clients a personal financing option through our partnership with CareCredit. At any time, either you can, or we can help you apply for quick and easy financing to meet your pet’s medical needs. It is as simple as applying online, and one of our staff can help you while you are at the hospital.