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The MAH Relationship

To: All Friends & Family

With the Covid pandemic, everyone is under additional stress and risk in their daily lives. Here at MAH, we’ve noticed that this stress has added tension between our clients and our staff. While our staff has been working tirelessly to be there for our patients through this global pandemic, working additional hours and adjusting their daily work lives, we have noticed this shift. Our staff knows that we always expect them to remain professional and respectful, no matter the circumstance. And we also expect the same in return from our clients.

As understanding as we are, that we’re going through this together, we have noticed this expectation not being met by everyone. What we’re asking of you, our faithful clients, is to keep this in mind when interacting with our staff members here at MAH. As we also hold our staff to these same expectations.

As protective as we are of maintaining a great client relationship, our patients will always be our number one priority. In the future, if the client-relationship is affecting our ability to offer your pet (our patient) their very best care, it can no longer continue.

We have attached the guidelines that we have set in place of these standards expected of our staff and our clients. Following these guidelines will help us to create a healthier and stronger relationship between the two. Thank you for your understanding during these crazy times; we will get through this together.

All the best to your family,

From Dr. James St.Clair, Medical Director of MAH

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The MAH Relationship